Seeking a long term sustainable water supply to serve the regional needs of the Coconino Plateau

Our Mission

The Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council and Coconino Plateau Watershed Partnership were formed to facilitate and implement sound water resource management and conservation strategies on the Coconino Plateau. The Council coordinates and cooperates in the identification, prioritization and implementation of comprehensive policies, projects and programs to assist in meeting the water needs of the Coconino Plateau.

Technical Advisory Committee

The CPWP Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consists of volunteers that meet monthly either virtually or in person prior to the CPWP meetings. The TAC initiates projects that are of interest and beneficial to the water stakeholders participating in the CPWP.

Public Outreach Committee

The CPWP Public Outreach Committee (POC) consists of volunteers that meet monthly either virtually or in person prior to the CPWP meetings. The POC initiates or represents the CPWP at water related events.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is a committee of the CPWAC, the advocacy affiliate of the CPWP. The GAC reviews and reports on proposed legislation to the CPWAC for consideration of taking a position of support or opposition.

Our Ethic

Water is Life

As individuals and as a community, we take responsibility for our region’s water. We value water for its social, cultural, and environmental roles. We have an ethical obligation to manage water and use it in a purposeful manner, recognizing our choices and their consequences.

To quote Aldo Leopold, “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

For future generations

The Coconino Plateau Watershed Partnership promotes water planning, policy, and practices to coordinate our efforts on a regional scale, incorporating varied interests and needs in northern Arizona. We take responsibility for future generations by using this ethic to guide our management and use of water today. This ethic will aid the Northern Arizona community in developing law, policy, and practices to deal with issues pertaining to water use, sustainability, and development.