Previously presented to our board & participants


Supply and Demand Assessment Results
Kevin Lane, ADWR, 3/29/2024

Statewide and Northern Arizona Updates
Lauren Hildebrand, ADEQ, 2/23/2024

Coconino County Comprehensive Plan Update
Melissa Shaw, Coconino County, 1/26/2024


Rural Groundwater Management Area Proposal
Ron Doba, Governor’s Water Policy Council, 12/8/2023

Sierra Club’s Successes
Alicyn Gitlin, Sierra Club, 12/8/2023

Smallmouth Bass and Other Fish Populations in the Grand Canyon
Charles Yuckulic and Dew Eppehimer, USGS, 4/28/2023

SB1306/HB2731 Local Groundwater Stewardship Areas
Chris Kuzdas, Water for Arizona Coalition, 2/24/2023


Arizona State Climatologist
Erinanne Saffell, Arizona State University, 12/02/2022

I-17 Improvement Project
Annette Riley, Andy Roth and Laura Douglas, ADOT, 10/28/2022

Page Water Supply Status
Mayor Bill Diak, 6/24/2022

Update on 4FRI
Patrick Moore, USFS, 5/27/2022

River Friendly Living
Nancy Steele and Isaac Dudley, Friends of the Verde River, 4/29/2022

City of Flagstaff Flood Gauge Network Overview
Ed Schenk, City of Flagstaff, 3/25/2022

TAC Presentation, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding Opportunities
Deborah Tosline, Reclamation, 2/24/2022

TAC Presentation, WaterSMART Environmental Water Resources Projects Funding Opportunities
Deborah Tosline, Reclamation, 2/24/2022

WIFA Infrastructure Funding Opportunities
Daniel Dialessi, Lindsay Jones, 1/28/2022


Bibliography, Grand Canyon Region, Occurrance of Uranium Ore
Don Bills, 10/29/2021

Status of USGS Streamflow Gages
Kurt Schonauer, 8/27/2021

Investigating Aquifer Recharge Using Reclaimed Water
Erin Young, 5/28/2021

C – Aquifer Monitoring Program
Casey Jones, 5/28/2021

WRESA and how to use it as a tool
Ron Doba, 5/28/2021

Water Related Ecosystems Services Assessment Phase 2
Jocelyn Gibbon, 5/28/2021

Water Related Ecosystems Services Assessment Phase 1
Kira Russo, 5/28/2021

C and R Aquifer Rulemaking Process
Karen Modesto, 5/28/2021

CARAMP Aquifer Modeling Project
Nathan Miller, 5/28/2021