The Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council was formed out of an increasing awareness of the impacts of drought and growth on our water supply. The need to understand the current and future needs for water in our area and what can be done to ensure an adequate supply brought the participants together. The agencies and organizations that are now working toward finding answers to our water issues are also dedicated to protecting the health and beauty of our environment.

In 2013 an affiliate organization, the Coconino Plateau Watershed Partnership, was formed to provide separate entities for the purposes of lobbying and funding efforts. Funding resources and maintenance of this website are provided by the Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council.

Our Bylaws

CPWAC Bylaws
CPWP Bylaws

Our Vision

The Vision of the Council and Partnership is to ensure an adequate long-term supply of water is available to meet the current and future reasonable needs while preserving the health of the environment on the Coconino Plateau.

The competitive advantage of the Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council is that it eliminates competition between its participants by providing a stakeholder process where they can work together instead of competing with one another.

Our Strategies

  • Support the completion of the feasibility study (FS)
  • Continue sustainability and science framework
  • develop planning alternatives if the feasibility study is not completed
  • Inform and engage state and federal legislators
  • Build a diverse funding base
  • Continue education awareness and outreach efforts
  • Expand partnerships
  • Review the SWOT analysis to identify items that fall under committee work efforts
  • Review the strategic plan biennially and amend as needed